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Home Decorating Ideas

Home Decorating Ideas – Decorating on a Budget

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The decorations have come down after Christmas and the rooms are looking rather bare. Winter is often a drab time of year and, even though the promise of Spring is just around the corner, why not liven your January days up by investing in some home decorating. Home decorating ideas do not have to break the bank; there are plenty of ideas which can make an immediate impact on the interior of your home without spending too much money. At the other extreme, however, you could hire an interior decorator and go the whole hog! Whatever you choose, however, there are plenty of home decorating ideas around – from chic and sophisticated to ultra modern, or the contemporary cottage look with beams and home-crafted cushions. Home decorating ideas is really a matter of personal preference and depends on the kind of home you have and the lifestyle you live there.

To change the look on a shoestring, alter the positioning of the furniture. If, previously, it was against the walls, pull it all out and reposition it at angles. What about changing the dining room to the lounge and the lounge to the dining room for an immediate change? Even in the smallest houses, there is usually sufficient room to make this change. I did this one weekend a few years ago and it has become an almost annual alteration. My front room [the traditional lounge area] runs through into the traditional dining area with a large opened out area in the wall between. This ‘opened-out’ area was knocked through before I bought the house, and it is neither an open-plan nor an appropriate size to be closed off by double doors. It looks what it is – a big square gap in the wall, with a wood surround to finish it off! I have actually arranged with a local builder to have this altered to a brick-faced archway. It will certainly look a lot better!

If you are on a budget, even painting one wall as a focal point will look cleaner and brighter. There are plenty of inexpensive wall hangings you can buy from companies like IKEA, the Swedish company with many outlets in the UK. Plants will also liven up any home decorating ideas – they come in a multitude of styles and sizes and are readily available from garden centres which often have huge arrays on display. If, like me, you keep forgetting to water your plants, you would probably be better advised to place silk plants around your home. Their quality is extremely good and they look remarkably lifelike these days.

Easy Home Decorating Ideas For Fall Including Halloween

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The remarkable ritual of fall decorating is already underway. The days are shorter and there is crispness in the air in many parts of the country. It is time to integrate fall home decorating ideas into your home to give it a new lease on life.

What would fall home decorating be without pumpkins? Whether they are real or fake, you can find pumpkins in all shapes, sizes and designs to be used indoors or outdoors.
By the way, pumpkin carving dates back to the late 1800’s when European immigrants to the New World saw how plentiful pumpkins were and started hollowing out jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins instead of using their traditional turnips!

Pumpkins can be used in traditional fall floral arrangements and work very well in cornucopias. Another home decorating idea for pumpkins is to use them to create topiaries. Pumpkins can be used throughout the entire fall season including Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Wreaths and floral arrangements are a marvelous way to add the colors of the fall season to your home and one of the easiest ways to set the mood in a room. This is a basic home decorating tip to keep in mind any season of the year. Incorporate the beautiful fall shades of yellow, orange, red and warm brown into your floral arrangements to bring a touch of nature indoors.

Items that can be used to create a wreath or a floral arrangement include dried or silk flowers, berries, seasonal fruit, pinecones, ribbons, bows, pumpkins, evergreen twigs, and dried grasses. A visit to a craft store will give you more than enough home decorating ideas to get you started.

A home decorating tip for using candles in your home décor is to place them in empty bottles. Select bottles and jars with interesting shapes and colors which will hold tapers or votives. It’s a great way to add fall color to your décor.

According to one online source, Halloween spending is second only to Christmas. This is in large part due to the popularity of Halloween décor both inside and outside the house. Whether you go all out and decorate for Halloween or just use home decorating ideas for the fall season in general, at least add a special touch to your home with fall colors.


Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

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When it comes to cheap home decorating ideas, one of the biggest hurdles that you may face is finding the right idea to beautifully decorate the walls of your house. Since your goal is not only to create a warm atmosphere with the design of your choice, your mission is also to find the most cost-effective ways to create the design changes you wish to make..

Cheap home decorating idea #1: On your main wall, try to avoid the common mistake of just ‘filling up space’

For those of you that are not exactly ‘trained’ for interior design but are doing your best to come up with cheap home decorating ideas, try to avoid the natural tendency to fill up space on the walls of your home with anything you can find. Trust me, it’s perfectly natural to do so, especially on a tight budget, however, there is a better way to do this that will look more appealing.

Instead, using tape or even an imaginary line, create a triangle in any spot on your wall. My advice would be to start with the main wall in the very first room that your guests enter when they come inside. This wall should be considered the main area that you’re looking to fancy up a bit.

The next step is very simple: fill the inside of this imaginary triangle with works of art that you find appealing. These pieces can consist of picture portraits to hang on your wall, artwork that you find soothing, or even uniquely designed clocks that have a touch of color to them. Remember, your goal is not to clutter the entire wall up with your displays, but instead only place these items inside your triangle. Once finished, step back, and appreciate this one simple cheap home decorating idea that has helped you accomplish your goal and cost next to nothing.

Cheap home decorating idea #2: Make life easier by displaying one large piece on your main wall

If our first idea of creating a centerpiece with multiple wall decorations does not appeal to you, then perhaps you may want to try something much simpler. What is the idea? Find just one thing, yes – just one item – and hang it in the very center of your main wall. In fact, you can do this in every room of your house and create a very structured, yet appealing design to your wall. You’re probably thinking that it is extremely expensive to purchase a large painting, and it can be! However, you do not have to run out and spend hundreds of dollars to do this.

If you look hard enough and enjoy shopping around, you will be surprised at just how many bargains you can find in your local newspaper, flea markets, and even garage sales on the weekends. On the other hand, one of my favorite items to use for wall displays is a colorful rug or a quilt.

We even have one room where the main wall shows off a piece of white painted wood that our 10-year-old used to create her own artwork on. Of course not everybody may find this large children’s painting appealing, but we do, and that is what is important here – find the right cheap home decorating ideas that makes you and your family happy!